Sneaker Order 09

Below you will find two PDF’s – One is the updated flyer for the team sneakers & other various gear items that we can offer this season.  The other is the Order form that is to be put in Coach Mennig’s mailbox in the main office by the end of the day on friday.

Couple of things to keep in mind –

1) Due to the ABO now taking over all gear orders this will be the only order form that we will do all year – so those people wanting the 1/2 zip pullovers this will be the ONLY order we do all season as we will not be doing a Nike Christmas order this year.  So if you or members of your family want items listed this is the time to order.

2) As you can see this year we are offering two different options for team sneakers as LeBron James this year has come out with a female design that I thought looked decent.  Please be sure to specify which design & size that you are wishing to order.  Remember a Nike STM Tshirt comes with the order so please put your size in the Tshirt box of the order form (if order more tshirts for your household please list them seperately)

3) New parents – we have to order these this early to ensure that we can get our school colors for the sneakers – if we order in November we cannot guarantee that we can get Green/White (learned the hard way my first year :-/) Do not worry about payment until all of the items come in.

Any further questions please contact Coach Mennig directly.

Sneaker & Gear Flyer – STM Sneaker-Gear Flyer 09

STM Order Form – STM Order Form 09

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