Day 2: DePaul/Northwestern


I got up around 8am and had a nice breakfast to start the day and headed in to Chicago & was pleasant to find mild traffic on a late Sunday morning. I got there a little early and had a chance to sit with Doug Bruno for 20-30 minutes before taking the court. Coach Bruno has been coaching longer than I’ve been alive is one of the most respected coaches in the country. With over 400 career wins, h e has been our head coach for the USA U18 national team in 2006 & recently completed his two year term as the President of the Women’s Basketball Coaches Assocation (WBCA) in 2007 (only the 2nd male head coach to hold this position).

Was great to catch up with a man that has made the DePaul program synonymous with transition basketball & talk about philosophies of that part of the game. When we got to the court he was concerned I wouldn’t see much as it was going to be a ‘talking practice’ with a lot of teaching. They were putting in a matchup zone that starts out of a 1-3-1 formation that after watching and seeing the teaching principles this could be a great twist for our program in 2010-11, but will make sure to get some more information on it before implementing a version of this.

Once the got to the floor and doing drill work you could see why they have success in transition. EVERYTHING was done a a quick rate. All ½ court drills incorporated long outlet passes to finish the drill . Asst. Coach Nicci Hays-Fort will be up for some head coaching jobs in the near future as her ability to communicate/teach on the floor stuck out. There were a few skill breakdown drills that we will add this year to mix things up for sure & they were having a 2nd practice today that they are sending me the DVD of that was all skill/drill based so I look forward to seeing that.

What was a treat for me was to see their DBO (Director of Basketball Operations) Allison Guth – Allison was a senior player at U. of I when I was there – graduated and joined the real world and then wanted to become a coach. She joined the Loyola Chicago staff, then went down to Missouri, and now is back in her old stomping grounds on the DePaul staff. Just seeing her ‘all grown up’ was a treat and following her passion to still be around the game – she is destined to have a great career in the game.

As practice wrapped up around 12pm – I hung around for 20-30 min and watched a little of the men’s practice & saw Asst. Coach Tracy Webster who was formerly on Coach Weber’s staff when I was there.


As I left the facility – traffic definitely ‘woke up’ and made my way to Evanston to Northwestern’s practice. Grabbed a coffee on the way and got there around 1:45pm for a scheduled start at 2pm. But as I know all to well – they did a last minute change to practice due to some recruits coming to campus, and practice had already been going when I arrived. Head Coach Joe McKeown and I go back for some time – as he has known me since I was 22 years old at St. Bonaventure when he was dominating the Atlantic-10 conference at George Washington Univ. in D.C. Joe was one of those that I looked up to at an early age in my career w/ the thinking ‘I want to be like him’

Joe has over 500 career victories (21st all time in victories) and like Coach Bruno I would say one of the Top 7 respected major conference ‘older generation’ male head coaches in the game from (Geno, Andy Landers, Jim Foster, Gary Blair & Bill Fennelly).

He never realized it but when he took the job at Northwestern and was on the job within his first week he took me out to dinner w/ his assistant Ali Jaques to discuss the landscape of Chicagoland/Midwest recruiting it was one of the more flattering gestures for me personally.

His passion and understanding of the game permeate to his players when he was working with them. Probably what is more impressive is his genuine interest in making players better, BUT you have to want to match his passion to improve. Just as I often tell you all ‘I’m not going to chase you down the hallway to get you in the gym, but I will be there if you ever ask to want to get better’. The culture is changing in Evanston as a number of players stayed in the gym past the practice time for well over 30 minutes just getting extra shots up or extra free throws. Coach McKeown has layed the foundation to build a program that will gain recognition within the next 2-3 years. Hopefully he can retain Coach Jaques – as Ali is yet another female assistant that is destine to be a head coach in the 2010 decade.

One bonus was getting the chance to meet their DBO Billy Fennelly – Billy is the son of Iowa State Univ.’s head coach Bill Fennelly. What a bright young mind for the game & time will tell how far he wants to go in the crazy ‘rat race’ of college basketball.

As far as on the court – the team did a lot of 5 on 5 controlled scrimmaging working on different pieces of their offense & defense. The morning practice was more skill based so I missed some of that. Joe has always been known for his Blizzard defense – so I know I told Ali that next year I want to come up for a two day span of when he puts this in at the beginning of the season for the incoming freshmen.

Was able to get a nice meal with Ali & Billy and saw the football highlights from the day before hitting the road to South Bend. Thought it was appropriate to be listening to Lou Holtz’s audio book (former legendary Notre Dame football coach) on the drive. 🙂 As I’m wrapping up today’s notes I look over and realize I’m an hour ahead now – so I’m not going to get as much sleep as I was hoping as 1:30am clicks over on the clock :-/

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