Day 4: Michigan/Michigan State


Woke up a little later than normal and caught up on some sleep, after watching the Yankees blow it in extra innings the night before :-/. I head over to Crisler Arena on Michigan’s campus to see Kevin Borseth’s squard. Kevin had a trememdous coaching career with nearly 30 years of experience. He is in the process of trying to turn the Michigan program in to a successful program, having arrived in 2007. With over 500 career wins as a DI & DII coach – what always intrigued me about Kevin was he could always get ‘the most out of the least’. Meaning he never always signed the ‘best players’ but was always successful as he built a bit of a dynasty up at Wisconsin-Green Bay before heading to Ann Arbor.

Assistant Tianna Kirkland was out side waiting for me on my arrival shortly before noon, w/ a smile & youthful enthusiasm. They started out very similar to our ‘pre-practice concept’ with various basic shooting drills – and took advantage of ever rim they could find. They did our “Olympic Shooting” drill, but called it “Oklahoma”. They did some fastbreak outlet drills and then some dribble drag work. They quick moved on to defensive breakdowns – in to 1v1 zig zag full court, and then some breakdown drills for close outs. Assistant Coaches Dawn Plitzuweit & Mike Williams were constantly teaching & encouraging the kids. “EFFORT” was the biggest cry by the staff – trying to bring it out on every drill.

One extra treat was to see Lisa Savoury & Mark Uitermarkt – their two administrative staff members. Lisa was a recruiter on the road during my time at Illinois State & Mark was an assistant under the old staff at Michigan. They are great people that have found a comfort zone in the profession, and just quality individuals.


I quickly said my goodbyes to the staff & shot over to East Lansing to get to Michigan State’s practice that started at 3:30pm. Made good time and was able to get over there shortly after 4pm. They were already heavy in to full court competition, and then broke things down after about 20 minutes. Head Coach Suzy Merchant and I have know each other for over 10 years from when she was the head coach at Eastern Michigan. She has won 60% of her games in her young career, winning nearly 300 games, and was an assistant for USA Basketball this past summer at the World University Games. She was a ‘local girl – done good’ having grown up in Michigan, played her college basketball at Central Michigan, and has coached only at colleges in her home state. To see her at her ‘dream job’ as she told me a decade before I know she feels incredibly blessed.

There was great chemistry amongst the girls & the intensity of assistants Shane Clipfell & Rick Albo spread to the players during their breakdown drills. I actually liked a SLOB play and a BLOB play (they did 1-4 flat formation) that I thought we can easily incorporate this year. As practice ended two of the Illinois players – Brittany Thomas & Kelsey Smith came up and gave me big sweaty hugs/hi’s – Britt I tried recruiting to Illinois & Kelsey I helped w/ her recruiting process thru high school as she attended some of our campus as an 8th grader.

I went up to the offices talked a little recruiting with assistant Tempie Brown and then headed back on the road to Toledo, OH around 6:30pm. During this portion I finished my 2nd audio book that was by Lou Holtz (was a great listen & an amazing story of his career). I then put in my next one that was Jerry Rice – much to my disappointment the narration was done by Jerry Rice. Lets just say that I felt like I was losing brain cells listening to him speak O:-) I arrived at the hotel a little before 10pm, but had to get to bed early w/ 6am practice at Univ. of Toledo in the morning.

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