Day 6: Miami (OH)/Dayton


Well I have to say I was a little curious to see Miami’s campus. Having so many students from the C/U area attending there I wanted to see what the big deal was all about. 🙂 As I drove thru the country side and all of a sudden this beautiful college town appeared I could quickly see the attraction. I got over there a little late and was able to get lunch with Whitney Sullivan (STM ’08) between her classes. To say that Whitney is thriving out there would be an understatement. She is turning in to a bright young woman & so many of you on the team now know – that her hard work & effort helped lay so many of the bricks that are the foundation that our program has been built upon.

I got over to practice around 1pm & was quickly greeted by Michelle Oswalt on the team (she was injured) as we considered recruiting her at Illinois. Coach Maria Fantanarosa came over gave me a quick hug and went back to teaching as that was definitely the theme of this practice. Maria has been the head coach of her alma mater for 11 seasons with close to 150 wins. I know as the practice went on Maria and her staff of Lisa Hayden, Colleen Day, & Vicki Hall showed frustration as they never were able to really get a ‘flow’ going as they constantly had to stop and teach various aspects on the floor. I liked one of their full court drills that we will likely add at some point during the year.

But I liked one of the points that Coach Fantanarosa said to her team as the tough day came to a close – You can’t just play to play if you want to win a championship.

As I left campus shortly after 3pm I finally finished the Jerry Rice CD & luckily I still have all of my brain cells in tack. I popped in my next one about Phil Mickleson – as Coach Schreder had a couple more mailed out to me that I left back home.


The one day I didn’t bring my laptop with me it ended up getting me, as Dayton changed their practice location this morning. I arrive at the arena & found was given direction to the new location. I arrived around 4:15pm at their practice facility. Coach Jim Jabir is another long standing friend from out East as he hails from New York as well. He was the head coach at Providence College when I met him, and I came to his office as a young Division II assistant asking him “how do you make to the big time?” 🙂 Jim has over 300 wins in his career, was named the Atlantic-10 Conference Coach of the Year in 2008, and has been the head coach at various colleges including Marquette, Siena, and Providence.

The defensive energy was electric in the gym – the players responding to all directions and giving maximum effort . The paint area as they called it ‘Our house – PROTECT it” was quick to see what their goal was on that side of the basketball. As they progressed to the offensive side I saw a lot of similarities running on mades & misses – there were definitely a few additions that we will try to implement both this year & next to play to our strengths.

Assistant Kyle Rechlicz will be a head coach in the next decade if she so desires – has a nice balance of ‘tough love’ with the players. As practice ended they did a version of our ‘Olympic Drill” & I loved the comment Jim said to his girls “It’s a lot harder to be great, it is easy to be mediocre”.

The staff invited me to join them for training table meal at the facility. We continued to discuss philosophy on transition and then fielded some questions about my life away from the college side of coaching. I left campus around 8pm and headed back to the hotel to catch up on some work and get some rest.

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