Day 7: Xavier


Was able to catch up on a little sleep & made my way over to Xavier’s campus around noon.  After struggling to find the auxilary gym at the Cintas Center I was able to settle in and watch.  Head Coach Kevin McGuff has been the head coach at Xavier for the past 7 seasons with over 150 wins in that time.  Kevin was a long time assistant coach at Notre Dame & Miami (OH) prior to going to Xavier.

The practice had a number of basic breakdowns focusing on defense, then they did our ‘olympic drill’ (3 min 87 points).  After some tranisition 5 on 5, they broke back down in to some shooting drills and baseline out of bounds plays.  Back to some 5 on 5 and then another position split and the practice wrapped up just after 3pm.

Said my goodbyes to Assistants Mike Neighbors & Amy Waugh as Amy walked me to the men’s practice in the main arena.  I can honestly say I was feeling a bit ‘basketball’d out’ and watched for about 15 minutes and decided i would head back to get some work done & just goof off at the hotel knowing I had a long day tomorrow with a lot of driving.

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