Day 8: Cincinnati/Indiana


Definitely woke up rejuvinated and ready to get back to the courts.  I headed over to Cincinnati’s practice as some of the die hard tailgaters were already starting to get set up as I made my way to campus at 10am.  Head Coach Jamelle Elliott is entering her first year as a head coach after being an assistant coach at Connecticut for the last 12 years under Geno Auriemma.  Jamelle and I graduated the same year from college and have known each other since her playing days at UConn when I worked their camps and she was a senior.

I was really curious to see how she would settle in to her new role, as any time you take over a struggling program you had better pack a big bag of PATIENCE. 🙂  As soon as there was a break in the action Jamelle came over and demanded a big hug, and as I told her in that moment – she was doing great, and going to be fine.  At a program like UConn there is not such thing as patience as the bar is so high that everyone involved knows the level of perfection that is expected every day.  So patience has been a new word in her vocabulary.  This program finished last in the Big East last year so there is no where for it to go but up.

They had some nice breakdowns and assistant coach Mark Ehlen on the staff is a great hire on her part as Mark has been a head coach at the Division I level for over 20 years (Toledo & Xavier) and helps bring a calming factor to the sidelines for the Bearcats.

There was a passing drill we’ll add to our warmups & a full court drill we will try this year as well.  As practice ended I was able to say my good byes & wished them all the best as I tried to get away from campus as quickly as possible as traffic for the football game was picking up.


Getting on the road shortly after noon – I headed over to Indiana University in Bloomington.  They started at 2pm but I was able to get there at 2:35.  Some of you may remember Hope Elam from Champaign as she went to St. Louis Univ. out of high school, then went to Vincennes junior college, and is over with the Hoosiers now.  Head Coach Felisha Legette-Jack had her group playing with passion.  Felisha is from my old neck of the woods growing up in Syracuse, NY.  She is going in to her 3rd year at Indiana, after three years as a head coach at Hofstra.  She has served as an assistant coach on our USA Basketball team in 2003 & 2005 for the World Championships.  Prior to all of this she was an assistant at Michigan State & her alma mater Syracuse University.

They had a lot of full court scrimmaging both against themselves & their practice squad of boys.  It was faced paced with a lot of early season kinks still getting worked out.  Associate Head Coach Katie Abrahamson-Henderson quick snuck over to talk as practice was starting to wind down.  Katie was the head coach at Missouri State and has had stints as an assistant at Iowa State, Michigan State, Washington, and Duquesne.  The excitement amongst the staff was very obvious as they have a new practice facility that is going to be opened by the end of this season, and after seeing the sketches it looks to be an amazing set up that will be amongst the best in the Big 10 when complete.

As practice finished assistant Jose Mori and I went back up to his office and just caught up on life, as he truly is one of the good guys in this business.  We walked out to our cars together & wished him well in the coming season, and headed back to my hotel in Cincinnati around 5pm.  Was able to get a decent meal and get all of my stuff packed as one more stop tomorrow & I head back to Champaign.

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