Day 10: Illinois State


Woke up and went in to STM today & fortunately did not have to sub the entire day so I was able to go back home and continue to do some laundry and other paperwork.  As the day wrapped up I headed over to Normal to see the Redbirds practice which was slated to start right around 4pm.  Head Coach Robin Pingeton is in her 7th season as head coach of the Redbirds.  Robin took over the program at ISU when the head coach I worked for at ISU was fired, and I came over to U. of I.  She immediately impacted them leading them to 4 post season tournaments in 6 years.Prior to ISU Robin was the assistant at Iowa State & Drake, and a head coach at her alma mater St. Ambrose (NAIA).

No matter how many years go by, any time I walk in to Redbird or Assembly Hall it is so hard for me not to feel some of those same ‘sensations’ of being a part of those programs.  What makes me feel & show my age is one of my former players at Illinois State is on Robin’s staff (Taren Martin).   Taren & I caught up and talked about various parts of the game and how much she has enjoyed this side of it all.

Probably one of the most amazing things about Illinois State’s success is that the entire staff from Robin’s arrival are all still here with her.  ISU, Bowling Green, & Marquette enjoyed the luxury of having a staff (Randy Norton, Willie Cox, & Jenny Putnam) that has been together for over 5 years – which is not very common in the college coaching profession

The intensity was strong right from the beginning with some great breakdown drills as ISU plays a very “North-South” style similar to us.  Definately came away with about 2-3 drills that we will try this year to mix things up in the middle of the season.

About half way thru practice Katie Jean (STM 09′) came by to join me.  In her first semester over at ISU on the golf team she is doing well & seems to be enjoying college life.  Though it sounds like she is getting an ‘itch’ for basketball 😉

Once breakdowns were done they girls scrimmaged their boys practice squad & ISU alum Kristi Cirone (was in WNBA and headed overseas to play – was the conference MVP for three straight years!) joined them.  She seems excited to be continuing her career, and didn’t miss a beat on the floor terrorizing her old teammates.

As practice wrapped up I caught up with the staff, and talked a little recruiting.  Robin was battling a bit of a cold, asked to set up a time to come by in the next couple of weeks to talk basketball before both of our seasons get too crazy.  On the drive back to Champaign I just feel very fortunate to have had the chance to ‘soak up’ so much about the game.

As we head in the last week before the season tips off – our staff will get together this week to map out our first 2 weeks & then map out the entire season of what we will be implementing (much like a teach sets up lesson plans for a semester), and discuss some of my ideas so make sure we are all on the same page & agreement.  With a handful of shooting/open gyms/conditioning I hope all of you are taking advantage of this week to be ready to step on the court.  As Coach Jabir bellowed out to his players at one time during practice:  “It is a lot harder to be great – being mediocre is easy”

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