Day 9: Louisville


Was able to get a good nights rest and another nice breakfast before hitting the road to Louisville.  I arrived on campus just in time to follow Head Coach Jeff Walz in to the parking garage and walk in to their complex.  Jeff Walz is only in his 2nd year as a head coach & lets just say he started out with a bang – as last season he made it to the NCAA Finals in year one!  Prior to taking over the Cardinals he was the top assistant at Maryland & Minnesota under Brenda Frese, and assistant at Nebraska & Western Kentucky under Paul Sanderford.  Jeff started his career at the middle/high school level in 1992 & graduated just a year before I did from Northern Kentucky.

Jeff gave me a tour of the facility, and I have seen a lot of women’s basketball set ups but this was one of the most spacious I have ever seen.  The women’s team inherited Rick Pitino’s former set up as the university built the men’s program a brand new basketball complex.  As I joked with Jeff it just shows that Rick Pitino’s “scraps” make up one of the best set ups in women’s basketball. 🙂

The teams started out practice with assistant Bethann Shapiro-Ord with some mental enhancement training.  One thing that many know is Jeff was able to assemble a staff of future head coaches in Bethann, Stephanie Norman, and Michelle Clark-Heard.  As breakdown drills began one of the most noticible things was how depleted the lineup was with minor injuries.  There was plenty of youth on the floor, so the staff was challenged to ‘clean up’ some old bad habits & engrain a championship mentality with their new comers.

As they went in to some 5 v 0 shell offense – I quickly picked up on a few zone plays that we will definately be incorporating this season.  Then a crew of men’s practice players showed up with 3 actual officials so that the team could have a game like scrimmage.  One bonus to the game was that WNBA Rookie of the Year: Angel McCoughtry, Candyce Bingham, and Patrika Barlow (all former Louisville players) were mixed in with the guys to play against their former teammates.

As practice finished up and the team shot some free throws – I shared w/ Stephanie our “Power” zone play and she asked me to write it up for them to potentially add & then was asked to send them our zone plays for them to take a look at.  As I walked out to the car with Jeff, it was just refreshing to see how balanced he and his staff have made their lives (as he was headed to a ‘hay ride’ with his family) & how it has permiated to his program.

As I made the drive back to Champaign – I chose to listen to football over the audio books and listened to the Bears take a beating from the Bengels.  Was able to get home at a reasonable hour and started on much needed laundry duty as I get ready for tomorrow and the last day of this trip.

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