Week’s Update & Bulldog Baller Bash Info

As of Monday this is the schedule for the week:

OPEN GYM is now set up for
Tues 6/21 – 1-3pm

THURSDAY League at Mahomet we have the following:
6pm-JV Fisher
8pm-JV LeRoy
7pm-V Uni HS
8pm-V Bismark

I have the following listed to attend – Coach Schreder / Coach Melby:
Jade Brinkoetter / Randa Harshbarger / Brooke Schmidt / Elayna Kramer / Taylor During / Hadley Murray / Courtney Wax / Erika Wallen / Lexi Wallen / Liz Bristow / Hannah Murray / / Haze Murray / Eliza Kramer / Ashley Wax

Friday/Sat/Sun – Mahomet’s Bulldog Ballers Bash:

Schedules for this year’s Bulldog Ballers Bash have been posted.  Go to the website at www.BulldogBball.com and click *Schedules* on the left side of the page. Click your division (7th, 8th, JV or Varsity).  Click on your team name to pull up specific games for your team.  Please understand that schedules ARE subject to change.

As of now we have the following planning to attend/compete:

Randa Harshbarger / Brooke Schmidt / Elayna Kramer / Taylor During / Hadley Murray / Erika Wallen / Lexi Wallen / Courtney Wax / Liz Bristow / Hannah Murray

Friday 5pm – Clinton – FH 1

8am – LeRoy – HS
11am – El Paso Gridley – FH1
2pm – Rockville – JrHigh Orange

Looking ahead……

OPEN GYM – Tues 6/28 – 1-3pm as well

This is your last real ‘hard’ week of basketball – try to do as much as you can as we won’t have very many more opportunities to come together this summer.  With just one league night left after this week – hopefully you feel you are learning and gaining confidence in some different aspects of your game.


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