Day 2: North Carolina State / Wake Forest

North Carolina State University

Well yesterday I got to experience two programs have had consistent success w/ coaches with long tenures at their programs – today I get to watch two coaches taking over programs trying to start a tradition. Wes Moore had built the Tennessee-Chattanooga program to experience 9 NCAA tournaments in 16 years. He has been on a sideline since 1987, but the opportunity to return to NC State (he was an asst. early in his career) was too intriguing of a challenge and from what I could see he is excited by this new venture.

Coaches that have success at the Mid-Major level I am always intrigued to watch teach the game, and Wes proved my theory correct. There was a solid progression and breakdowns into full team drills. I was humbled as he asked me to speak to his team about halfway through as I shared with him my observation that the girls just didn’t seem to be having any fun. So I gave them the ‘these are your memories – how do you want to be remembered’ speech. NC State was a .500 team last under their old coach & I reminded them that ‘more of the same, will get you, more of the same’ No championship has ever been won without smiles/enthusiasm/laughter along the way with their teammates during the hard work.

There were a couple of drills I’m going to tweek to add to our COB breakdown as well as a new version of our PB that will give us a simple wrinkle. Plus a new progression drill to add to our Triangle Passing drill to add to the Toughner Series of drills we do. May possibly make an addition to our “Double” series plus a new version to change “2” in our 1-4 high series could be in our future as well J

Wes put together a very diverse group. Nikki West has been with Wes for 9 years & obviously is incredibly loyal to Moore and his system – she had solid connect with the girls and her D1 program will likely happen this decade if she has the desire. Another loyal staff member is Mike Murray – who served as an asst. since 2006 with Wes at UTC, was willing to take a Director of Basketball Operations which is a ‘steal’ for coach Moore. Loved Mike’s enthusiasm as you could see he was ‘chomping at the bit’ to be out there teaching (DBO’s are not allowed to coach on the floor), I’m sure it won’t be long before he is given the chance to move up through this staff in the years to come if Wes can keep him around. Gene Hill will be running his own program in the next few years as he came over from Georgia Tech and had great energy & passion all practice. Lindsay Edmonds I knew when she was at James Madison & we talked of how exciting a time it is for her in her career joining a BCS staff for the first time in her career. It is exciting to try to ‘climb the ladder’ when you are going through that journey as a young coach.  But once you get to this level you can truly look in the mirror and be honest with yourself as to what level of play you want to be at for the next phase of your career.

Wes shared the additions to the various facilities that are in the works so it is an exciting time for him & his program. The team showed better energy the 2nd half of practice as this group of players will be entertaining to follow along and see ‘which team’ decides to show up this season.

Wake Forest University

I was able to literally walk in the gym 5 minutes before they started up & was invited to enter their huddle. I loved their “Thought of the Day” – “The more I coach the more I’m convinced of this. Bad players get frustrated. Average players make excuses. Great players get determined” Tom Crean – Indiana Univ. Men’s Bball Coach

As their pre-practice began and everyone was ball handling w/ goggles made me think – where are ours? Braden I need you to find mine by the time Nov 3 comes around J There was some full court layup/ transition drills but after that there was a Defensive emphasis in the air with a lot of 3v3 and position breakdown work.

Jen Hoover is in her 2nd year of trying to take Wake Forest to the top half of the ACC. She is one of the most successful alumni for the Demon Deacons – so there is a lot of love for this program in her heart. She had a storied career as an asst. at California, Memphis, & Virginia before guiding High Point to a 20 win season in her first head coaching stint in 2012. She had a similar fun/focused air about her and empowered her assistants throughout the practice. Her staff has an amazing opportunity in front of them as Mike Terry & Gayle Coats Fulks as both have put together solid resumes together leading up to their first go at the BCS level. Two different styles on the floor, but both bring a strong passion that I’m sure put both of them in a position to be head coaches before the end of this decade if they choose that path. Clarisse Garcia is the new addition coming over after one season at Alabama, but had a successful run as a Division II head coach at a very young age (hired at 25) future is bright for this young coach & getting that head coaching experience on her resume will pay big dividends f but I or her down the road in her career.

Most of the drills/breakdowns were already in the ‘mad chemists’ rolodex – but I saw a movement that happened during their scrimmaging vs. the practice team that triggered me to come up with another version of 4 in our 1-4 high series – so may call it 4 down to keep it simple for us.

As practice wrapped up – walked out with Mike and we talked of his journey at the beginning of his career coming from Canada and going to the high school level in FL where he coached Erlana Larkins (WNBA-Indiana Fever). Left a little later than planned, but enjoyed the conversation. Got down to Charlotte grabbed a light dinner & now posting this at close to 2:00am – I have to get up a little after 5am to make Charlotte’s 6:30am session to start a three practice day.

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