Day 4: Coastal Carolina

Coastal Carolina University

Was up by 8:00am and made my way to Coastal Carolina’s campus & was disappointed to not have passed one coffee shop. So I was going to grind my way through with no caffeine 🙂 I originally had South Carolina & Clemson on my schedule for today, but Dawn Staley (HC at USC) had a last minute trip she has to do for USA Basketball and cancelled the teams practices for the weekend.  Clemson emailed me a couple days ago that they were closing all practices (first time I have run in to that in my career) as their new head coach implemented this rule. So after sending out a handful of emails I was happy to see that Jaida Williams was putting in a full 3hr session today. Plus I always enjoy watching first year head coaches on the court starting their careers in their new ‘big chair’.

Jaida came to CCU from Wake Forest as an assistant this past year, and has been at Santa Barbara, South Florida, & started her career as a DBO (Director of Basketball Operations) at Iowa. Needless to say this young woman has seen all different corners of our country in a short time (2005 grad). Her staff is being given great opportunity as she has some youthful exuberance in Sarah Smoak and Sha’Rae Mitchell. Both have had positions as off-court assistant coaches at BCS conferences prior to joining Jaida and can see how much they are enjoying being able to be on the court. John Swickrath is the ‘veteran’ as he has ten season in the sport & graduated 5 years after I did. John actually had some very complimentary remarks about all of you and our program as he witnessed us playing at the July USJN event in 2012 when he was the assistant at Eastern Illinois. As he said “look at this team, how many are they going to get beat by…. And then you guys proceeded to take your opponent to the woodshed…. You wouldn’t win the all-warmup contest”. I was very proud to hear these words & how our team made him take notice.

Jaida is trying to build a new culture & those growing pains are never easy for anyone involved. But after really challenging her girls spirit to compete they responded and put together a positive day of work. The biggest thing I pulled away was a 2-3 high formation that I was hoping to incorporate this year and more importantly it was a ‘continuity one like how COB & Color are. Thought it had simple teaching points so hopefully we can add this to mix up our look on offense at times this season.

As practice wrapped up, the girls gave a birthday surprise to their DBO William Clay who is a bright young man that is very passionate about the game. Jaida took me over to their new arena & it is a tremendous set up for this level of basketball and can tell her excitement of calling this ‘home’. She asked me in practice to take notes for her so we went to her office & cleared off the dry-marker board and got after it for nearly an hour discussing different drills/beliefs/progressions/etc. As I reminded her it was all just one man’s opinion & I can see her biggest challenge (as with most new coaches) is using all the info she has learned through the years from some great mentors & finding the proper match with the level/personnel she is working with at this program. The sooner you can figure that ‘match’ out on the sidelines the more likely you will start to find success – starting w/in your conference first and building from there.

I said my goodbyes and headed back on the road for a nearly 6 hr drive to Athens, GA. I realized that Augusta, GA was along the way so I stopped in at a new facility we are considering renting next July for our Blue Star Nationals – so was able to tie in a little work on my drive over.

I was able to finish up my Roy Williams book and was able to gather a couple of possible motivational ‘nuggets’ that we’ll see if I need to try in the coming year 🙂

BOOK 1: Bo Schembechler’s Lasting Lessons: The Legendary Coach Teaches the Timeless Fundamentals of Leadership

Some of the tidbits that hit home thought you may enjoy –

+ Your character is shown based on what you do when no one is watching

+ Early is on time & on time is late

+ HONESTY is the #1 rule that cannot be broken.

+ I’m not going to lower the bar, but I am going to help you get over it

He told of his story of ‘the bus’ with players which reminded me of year 1 at STM where we pulled away without a senior to set that standard.

+The bus symbolized the foundation of values we all followed: It is not fair to the others that took the time to get there. “The bus waits for no man” you cut corners for this guy or that situation you create drama/headaches within the team.

+ You cannot be a leader if you don’t like people

BOOK 2: Roy Williams – Hard Work: A Life On & Off the Court

Some of the tidbits that hit home thought you may enjoy –

He talked of their journey to national title in 2009 when everyone expected them to win & how Bobby Knight called him after doing it that it is a bigger challenge as a coach to do what everyone expects you to do than people realize – I loved his line he said after going 0-2 to start that season

“A national title is realistic – but you have to remember that the only people you need to please are me, your teammates & yourself – NO ONE ELSE – ignore expectations because others don’t know our journey. It’s amazing what can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit”

He shared another Bobby Knight quote I liked about defense: “Don’t guard someone like you want to be guarded on offense”

He spoke of the three things that set him off on with his players: SELFISHNESS, LACK OF CONCENTRATION, and LACK OF HUSTLE. Funny as I think back to the times when I have ever ‘blown up’ at these those that I can remember all fall in one of those three categories. File those away freshmen 🙂

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