Day 5: Georgia

University of Georgia

Today started out as a disappointment as I wake up to find out that the Bulldogs cancelled practice and gave their girls the day off. I went and grabbed a coffee on campus (very similar feel to C/U college town) – luckily assistant coach Angie Johnson was around and had an open schedule so we spent the early afternoon together.

Angie is headed into her 2nd year at Georgia, but she is one of the most respected assistant coaches in the country having served for 15 years at Florida State with a ton of success and three before that at Wisconsin. The Louisville graduate could have easily been a head coach years ago, but truly enjoys and embraces her role of serving some of the best coaches in the country. We have known each other for some time, but this was the first time that we every ‘rolled up our sleeves’ and talked on the court basketball. We shared drills/plays/philosophies and were able to steal a couple of ideas so all was not lost today.

Needless to say was able to get back to the hotel early and enjoy some football today like most ‘red blooded Americans’ on a Sunday. I should be able to get plenty of rest as tomorrow is my last day in Georgia with two practices on the schedule. Hopefully I don’t wake up to another cancelled session. 🙂

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