Day 6: Georgia State

Georgia State University

Well rested I stopped by Fed Ex and sent back home all my dirty laundry thus far – don’t worry I’m not asking Erika too clean it J Just needed to thin out my carry on bag (that’s right – I packed for this entire trip in just carry-on bag). I made my way to campus which is in downtown Atlanta, and made it just in time to see them get started.

Sharon Baldwin-Tener is in her 15th year on the sideline but starting her 4th at GSU, and the building process is finally taking shape for her and her staff. A former player at Georgia she has found success at every stop she has made. Sharon helped sign a top recruiting classes at her alma mater & experienced a Final Four as an assistant for the Bulldogs. She then became NAIA Coach of the Year at Life University, and then built East Carolina in to a steady winner for 8 years before getting the chance to come home to Georgia.

The common trend for successful programs at the Mid-Major and Lower D1 levels is a head coaches ability to retain staff. Sharon’s staff has been with her since day one. Jonathon Barbaree & Jocelyn Wyatt brought great energy and teaching points throughout the practice. The chemistry of the three of them was very evident and you can see it spilling over to the players. Unfortunately Adrienne Schuler was not here so I did not get the chance to meet her. Jonathon & Jocelyn have a bright future ahead of them. Jocelyn I had been pushing her name out there to various BCS level programs and it says a lot about Sharon and what they are building that she feels so much love to the work they have put in to see it through. Jonathon will have his opportunity in the near future as well – especially once this program turns the corner & my guess is if they don’t face the injury bug that they make that move this year to get it over .500 with an even larger jump the following year.

I came up with a possible new tweek to our transition concept, and I really liked their zone OB play that wasn’t in a 1-4 flat formation… so I know that really will be a change if we put that in. Their zone continuity was fairly simple – not sure if I want to add that to our ‘to do list’ but will keep it in the back of my head since we likely will see a lot of it this year.

Had a nice surprise as Kelcey Roegiers-Jensen stopped in to see me during the session.  Kelcey is an Asst to the AD and also a college official that I pleasure to work with this past summer with our event in Augusta.  I felt terrible as I didn’t realize she worked at GSU otherwise I would have given her a ring to meet up more formally.  We talked about the new rules that are being implemented & apparently strictly enforced this season on how they are to call defenses.  I’ll share more of this with you on the court this season, but it REALLY could change what college basketball looks like if they follow through on this.  Similar to what you are hearing with college/pro football with all the protecting of the offensive players – these rules are falling right in line with this same concept.

Sharon/Jocelyn and I talked drills/systems at different times during the session, even sharing some of our “13” & presses at the end. Again I was humbled to be asked to speak to the team as this group had great energy of focus/fun/chemistry for almost the entire session until the end that had some running. I challenged them again with our ‘never too high, never too low’ adage and put it on the seniors to help the freshmen along.

Jocelyn walked me out to the car & talked more about defensive concepts/systems and then made my way to Georgia Tech’s campus. As I arrived I thought I was about 5 minutes late, but as I called the office I find out that they had cancelled practice all together. Needless to say a little of the ‘east coast’ in me came out sharing my displeasure of not being made aware & made my way to the airport. Ran my way thru the terminal & was able to sneak on an earlier flight down to Tampa. Snuck in another workout & should be able to get a decent night’s sleep again tonight before my two visits tomorrow.

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