Day 7: South Florida

Had a nice start to my day getting a little extra sleep – snuck a short workout in and headed to meet with Dan Olsen for breakfast. Dan is the owner of Collegiate Girls Basketball Report – who recently was named the operating group to do ESPN’s player rankings for girls’ basketball. Dan is the only national scouting service that is not in the event operating business and was a former Division II head coach back when I started my career. More importantly than all this – he is a diehard Yankee fan 🙂 We talked about a wide range of grassroots issues/future/etc – unfortunately it always feels like we never have enough time to talk when we get together as after about 5 cups of coffee I was off to South Florida

University of South Florida

Jose Fernandez has been the leader for USF since 2000 and has continued to show he is one of the top coaches in the region. He gave me a quick tour of his new practice facility before practice tipped off, but one of the first things I noticed as practice began was the connect/respect between him and his team. I felt a similar feel to our practices to be honest. With only two seniors on his roster the expectations the next couple of years are high.

In his formative years he started as a men’s coach as a Division II assistant. He then made the change over to the women and was a high school coach at a private school as well where he lead his team to the championship game before joining the college ranks again but now on the women’s side. He has also served as the Puerto Rican National Team coach during his tenure at USF as well.

Jose is the master of the set offenses, and I can only imagine putting a scout together for his team. Needless to say I came away with a couple of new set looks that should be very effective for this year’s lineup. Plus a nice pressure release SLOB that fits into our scheme as well.

As the session wrapped up Jose took me over to his upgraded arena & as he explained it is basically brand new after a full gutting of the insides but same exterior. As we went back to his office we talked about USA Basketball, his high school experience, and shared with him our “Peel” play/movement that was a new look for him.

I left campus and made my way a little further north up to Innisbrook Resort & Golf Club as Erika’s grandparents lived here in the winters for a good many years of their life. I stopped by the pro shop and grabbed her grandfather a couple of new golf shirts to add to his wardrobe and made my way back to the hotel. Early flight to Tallahassee waits so going to try to call it a fairly early night after catching up on some emails.

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