Day 8: Florida State

Got up & had a nice easy flight into Tallahassee this morning and was able to get checked in early to the hotel. As I made my way thru town to campus I had a very similar feel to C/U and how the campus plays such a large part in this town’s environment. Got a light breakfast and met with Kimberly Davis-Powell as she is the overseeing director of the Nike travel team Florida Essence. We talked about the many kids that she had helped throughout the years & with so many things potentially changing in 2014 was nice to get her take on the direction she felt it could be heading. As I made my way to the practice facility I was able to ‘sneak’ my way into the building w/ the team’s manager was able to catch up with the staff before they started.

Florida State University

Melissa Bruner the DBO on staff was quick to catch up & filled me on how this year roster only has 3 seniors and 1 junior which immediately told me there is going to be a lot of teaching involved J All three assistants were very active in the early practice breakdowns at the different positions as head coach Sue Semrau made her way down. Sue is the present WBCA president and probably one of the nicest most genuine people in the game. But don’t let that ‘’sweetness’ fool you – she’s a competitor, and has helped guide this program to the NCAA’s 9 times in the past 16 years at FSU. Prior to taking over & building FSU from the ground up she was an assistant at Northern Illinois & Wisconsin. One of the first things I picked up on was the team shirt they were wearing – that I’m not going to disclose as I think I may steal the idea for 2014-15 season J

As they all rolled up their sleeves and got to work; Lance White led the charge in helping breakdown the early movement of their pressbreaker. Lance was the longtime assistant at Texas Tech under coaching legend Marsha Sharp before joining FSU ten years ago. Ronald Hughey & Brooke Wyckoff carried great enthusiasm throughout as they touched upon defensive breakdowns & transition offense. Ronald is a coaching veteran having had stops at Texas, Rutgers, South Carolina, & Central Florida to name a few. Brooke is a FSU legend that helped build Sue’s program back in the late 90’s. The former WNBA player of nine years was moving well as she has about another month before she will be having her first child – so a very exciting time for her & the staff.

The team needed an early ‘kick in the pants’ to be reminded what proper work ethic looked like, but after that they pushed & encouraged each other throughout. Liked a hi-low spacing they did that I think I can take right into COB for us. They had a simple BLOB – just have to decide if I want to add others besides our 1-4 flat series.

After practice was able to enjoy a nice meal with Sue, Lance, & Huey as we discussed the game, grassroots & what direction could be most effective for all the sides involved. As they still expressed concerns of the ‘weaker’ event operators and events out there, I encouraged them to set up a voting system w/in the college community so that the NCAA took a tally and if an event received say less than 50-55% approval rating by the college community that it would be granted a ‘warning’ and then a 2nd year they lose certification. This could allow their side to have a say in the process of event certification.

As night wrapped up was able to get back and do a little work as don’t have to set an alarm with a late morning drive to Gainesville tomorrow.

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