Day 9: Florida

University of Florida

After a good night rest I made my way to Gainesville and was able to enjoy a nice lunch with the Gators staff. Amanda Butler has been at the helm for the past six years, but knows this program inside & out having had a successful playing career in the orange/blue. As we wrapped up lunch and made our way to campus I saw my first Gator along the way. No I didn’t get out to take a picture J

David Lowery is Amada’s ‘right hand man’ being beside her for her successful stint at Charlotte & then following her to Gainesville. We drove around a little on campus discussing his career path and his vision/hope for the future. We got back to the facility and practice was just beginning. Most noticeable was the depleted roster as they have been hit w/ the injury bug pretty hard before even getting to the starting gate.

There as a decent transition breakdown drill if we decide to incorporate the ‘rub’ action in our system this year. Also a three man attack the rim drill that we could use in the 2nd half of our season to break things up. As the session finished up Amanda asked me to talk to the team and shared with them some thoughts on helping each other and their need to trust & lean on one another thru adversity.

As I gave the staff my goodbyes I headed toward the car to make the drive to Jacksonville. As I made my way to the hotel I was able to wrap up my 3rd audio book: Tony Dungy’s: Quiet Strength – as this talked of his journey through his NFL coaching career & was very detailed about his faith.

BOOK 3: Tony Dungy’s – Quiet Strength: The Principles, Practices, & Priorities of a Winning Life

Some of the tidbits that hit home, thought you may enjoy –

+ Great quote from Hall of Fame coach Chuck Noll that I felt described a lot of what we do:
“Champions don’t beat themselves, if you want to win you do the ordinary things better than anyone else does. Day in, day out we aren’t going to fool them or out scheme them – we are going to out play them because we will know what we are doing.” As Dungy says “Do what we do”

+ I want to read Nehemiah’s chapters in the Bible as he talked of how much it is filled with Leadership lessons in that portion of the book.

+ “Good leaders get people to follow him because they WANT to, not because he MAKES them.”

+ “Pride comes before destruction – take one game at a time”

+ He talked about a program he helped start in Tampa Bay that I’m curious to learn about “All Pro Dad” that apparently sends daily/weekly newsletters to help father’s in their journey with their children.

+ He had a series of guidelines he gave his players, but a few basic ones that some we talk about & some have been unsaid, but have been understood with being a part of our STM program:
Act like a Champion
Respond to adversity, don’t react to it
Be on time: Being late means it’s not important to you or you can’t be relied upon.
Execute: Do what your supposed to do, when your supposed to do it. Not almost – All the way / Not most of the time – All the time.
Take Ownership: Whatever it takes – no excuses, no explanations.

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