Day 10: North Florida / Jacksonville

University of North Florida

I was pleasantly surprised to find an email from the UNF staff when I arrived in Jacksonville that they had moved their 6:30am practice to 1:30 in the afternoon. So was spoiled and able to get another good night’s sleep & did a lite workout before heading to the gym. As I drove through their very quaint campus and made my way to the arena I could see why head coach Mary Tappmeyer has been here since the program’s inception in 1991. What I did learn was that she was a fellow upstate New Yorker from the Rochester/Buffalo region as we traded winter snow storm stories J

They started with some basic pre-practice split into ballhandling / ½ court offense / jump shots, and then went to a series of secondary breaks. They did do a quick 2 minute pressure layup drill that I liked that we could easily sneak in at some point to challenge ourselves this season. There was a movement they did in their 2ndary break that I think we could use to make another ‘thumbs sideways’ to our Thumb series.

I spent a good portion of the practicing yapping with their newly hired DBO that just finished playing her Division II career at Flagler College. Shared a few observations and gave her some friendly career advice (Best one: Remember you need your boss to say these three things to get your next job: Your loyal, you’re a hard worker, & your organized. You don’t have one of those three you will struggle to get your next job) Mary’s staff has a bright future as Nancy Miller as spent her entire playing/coaching career with the Osprey’s, and Keunta Miles has been with the program for seven seasons, and is ready for the next step whenever she desires. Unfortunately newcomer to the sidelines Erica White was sick & I didn’t get to see her in action as she was a talented star at LSU, and would have loved to have seen her coaching demeanor. As they wrapped up, I made my way to the parking garage to head down the road to Jacksonville’s campus.

Jacksonville University

Yolette McPhee-McCuin is in her first year as a head coach, taking over this program this past April, and has surrounded herself with an aspiring young staff that has a great opportunity in front of them. Yolette comes from Clemson as an assistant and has been coaching for nine years including being named the Bahamian women’s national team coach for her home country. She is the first female athlete from the Bahamas to ever receive a Division I scholarship & takes pride in her role as a leader in her homeland.

This team had a lot of fun personalities that messed well when things went well & struggled when things went bad. They seemed to feed off of Yolette’s youthful energy and are starting to embrace the process of taking pride in their craft.

I was asked to speak to the team at the conclusion of practice & I shared with them what a great ‘opportunity for greatness’ they all have as there was not one retired jersey # or team banner hanging in their gym for women’s basketball. Who was going to be that first group? Someone at some point in time was going to start a tradition; that it had to start somewhere, and that being a champion is not easy.

It will be interesting to follow North Florida, Jacksonville, and Florida Gulf Coast who are all in the same conference this season (Atlantic Sun).

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