Day 11: Stetson / Central Florida

Stetson University
I was able to spend some time with my parents over the weekend, so as the early AM alarm went off I was in good shape for the hour drive over to Stetson University’s campus. Lynn Bria has been in charge of this program for the past five years and has turned them into a regular contender of the Atlantic Sun conference winning it the past two years and advancing to the NCAA tournament. She created the 2nd largest turnaround in NCAA HISTORY – as the program was 6-24 and then went 20-13 the next season! Lynn and I go back to her days when she was in charge of the Ohio University program and I was at ISU & Illinois. The energy level of her kids was solid throughout and they worked at a serious pace for most of the practice. Her staff of Kenny Anderson, Pam Brown, & David Saur helped use their youthful energy teaching throughout.
This year’s squad has a lot of growing up though as she graduated her core senior class this past spring so there was lots of teaching going on. They did a circle trapping drill that I thought would be a nice addition, as well as a full court trapping to tipping drill. They did a BLOB play that I tweeked into our 1-4 flat formation that I think could be a nice addition. Plus came up with a 2-3 high look that I believe can work for us. As practice was wrapping up with 5v5 scrimmaging I had to sneak out to ensure I could make it down to Orlando for Central Florida’s practice.
University Central Florida
Luckily there wasn’t any traffic on my 45 minute drive down and made it about five minutes before they started up at 9:45 following their film session. Central Florida’s leader Joi Williams I go back some time as when she was at the helm at Murray State I was asked to come in and put my database program in back during my time at Illinois State/Illinois. She built that program up and then took over the Golden Knights and has helped lead this program into a consistent winner in Conference USA. Plus along the way she had the chance to be on staff for our USA U18 & U19 teams in 2010 & 2011, and presently is serving a four year term with the USA Junior National Team Committee. This particular season though for UCF she has a challenging task in front of her as her young & already injury plagued team makes the move to the American Athletic Conference that has the likes of UConn, Louisville, & South Florida waiting for them.
There was great energy in the gym, and liked how they did a 3 man shell drill of designating who shooters & drivers were to develop those types of recognitions for the scouts of opponents to come. They did a version of our ‘Double’ series that I thought could be an easy addition for the playbook this year. Plus they were the third team I saw do a special defense against OB screens that could be a fun in season ‘tweek’ for some of our opponents – though I still feel our OB screen defense is already pretty sound.
Love the quote:  “The more I coach the more I’m convinced of this.  Bad players get frusterated.  Average players make excuses.  Great players get determined.”
As practice wrapped up Joi and her staff asked me to stay for lunch to talk about some of my observations of her team/staff/etc. She has a staff that really offers a number of different dimensions & experiences that includes Courtney Locke (former Rutgers player), Khalilah Mitchell (former LSU player), and Brett Fink (former men’s side coach). We discussed a number of different areas and introduced the ‘sandwich technique’ of coaching to her staff to think about. As Joi walked me out to the car I found out that UConn was coming to play them on New Year’s Day. Since I go down to visit my parents after our State Farm Xmas tournament, I told her I may try to drag the family over to see that one when I’m down there during our holiday break. It was an easy drive home to enjoy my last meal with Mom/Dad, but the 3:20AM alarm to catch my airport shuttle I knew was going to be a rough one, but only way I could ensure I was back in town to make the STM Preview night for the 8th grade families considering our school.
If you read all the way through this trip & journey I hope you enjoyed. I have tons of notes & anyone wanting to get more details, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I can’t wait to get on the court in a couple more weeks to see what this year’s season brings for our young ladies. Hopefully we’ll be able to incorporate some of these new tricks on to the court.
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